Ultrashine – #1 in Paint Protection

No matter how often you wax your car, oxidation,salt, snow and sun leave their marks.  And those marks cost you money at re-sale time.  Ultrashine will seal out the harmful effects of the elements for as long as you own the car.  We guarantee it in writing.

It is a specially formulated sealant, laboratory tested for longevity and quality.  A combination of carefully selected Petroleum base products that are rendered acceptable to all paint exteriors.

If your car is brand new. call us now!  We’ll keep it looking that way.


Q.  Is Ultrashine a wax covering?
A.  No!  Ultrashine is a paint additive which permeates the paint.
Q.  How does Ultrashine work?
A.  It actually surrounds and protects each molecule of paint.
Q.  Does the weather affect Ultrashine?
A.  No, it preserves the paint by guarding it against the sun and winter elements which break down the paint finish.

Q.  Can Ultrashine be applied to moulded fibreglass car bodies?
A.  Yes it certainly can and will achieve the same results.
Q.  Will newly painted areas stand out?
A.  Since the original new car colour has been locked in, protected and guaranteed not to change, the colour match should be relatively easy for the body shop to make.


Ultraguard – #1 Interior Protection

The condition of an autos interior plays an important role in it’s overall appearance and value.  When the car is new this wonder product works for you as follows:

* Eliminates ground in dirt
* Allows messy spills to be easily blotted up
* Will not alter the lush feeling or texture of velours
* Dirty interiors need to be shampooed first so just ask about this service.